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Ali completed his course on Body/Mind Medicine at Harvard Medical School purchase tadapox 80mg otc, and he is a member of the postgraduate association at Harvard generic tadapox 80 mg on line. Jean-Yves Dionne buy tadapox 80 mg cheap, pharmacist, is a scientific advisor and natu- ral health products consultant for several companies. He is often called upon to speak to health professionals about complemen- tary medicines. In 2003, he received the Aventis Pharma award for outstanding contribution to teaching for the course Phytotherapy and Natural Health Products at the Faculté de Pharmacie de l’Université de Montréal. Jean-Yves is co-author of Herbs: Everyday Reference for Health Professionals, published by the Canadian Pharmacists Association. Dionne sits on the board of the Table Filière des Plantes Médicinales du Québec (medicinal herbs round table), of the Canadian Natural Health Product Research Society and the Canadian Natural Product Association. Rhonda Dorren received her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. A licensed pharmacist in Alberta and an author, she has developed a con- sultation practice in Natural Medicine Pharmacy, utilizing a unique blend of allopathic and biological medicines. Sam Graci Sam Graci is a Canadian lifestyle researcher and the author of four #1 best-selling books in Canada. His latest book, The Bone-Building Solution, is co-authored with Carolyn DeMarco, M. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of his four books are donated to Scouts Canada for their tree-planting program and also donated to non- profit environmental groups. Grant is a multi-talented scientist, lecturer, prolific author and Canada’s top stress management and wellness coach. She is a highly sought-after, passionate speaker who is dedicated to improving the health of society by sharing her knowledge. Karlene is author of The Metabolic Syndrome Program and co-author of the national best-seller Healthy Fats for Life. He is the author of eight books, including the international best-seller Fat Wars, and is a 2003 in- ductee into the Canadian Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame. Michael Lyon is the Medical and Research Director for the Canadian Centre for Functional Medicine located in Vancouver, B. He heads a team of clinicians and researchers dedicated to biotechnology, nutritional and natural health product research. He is involved in collaborative clinical research with various Canadian universities and the Imperial College of Medicine in London, England, in the field of obesity, diabetes and appetite regulation, and with the University of British Columbia in the area of childhood learning and behavioural disorders. Lyon is the author of Healing the Hyperactive Brain Through the New Science of Functional Medicine and Is Your Child’s Brain Starving? Tracy Marsden Tracy earned science and pharmacy degrees from the University of Alberta and worked in a community pharmacy setting for over fifteen years. Her enthusiasm for wellness prompted her to obtain additional training in herbals and homeopathy. She worked several years as a Natural Medicine Consultant for a pharmacy chain, where she also helped develop marketing strategies for their natural products department. Tracy has con- sulted to a number of natural products manufacturers and is a regular columnist for Pharmacy Post. She has also written on natural product marketing for Integrated Health Retailer magazine. President of the Alberta College of Pharmacists for 2004–2005, Tracy is well respected in the health care field. She is a founding partner of Rocky Mountain Analytical, a private Canadian wellness-focused medical laboratory. Joey Shulman is the author of Winning the Food Fight: Every Parent’s Guide to Raising a Healthy, Happy Child (Wiley 2003) and the national best-seller The Natural Makeover Diet: 4 Steps to Inner Health and Outer Beauty (Wiley 2006).

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This can be done effectively with lifestyle strategies (diet buy tadapox 80mg on-line, exercise tadapox 80 mg fast delivery, and supplements) generic tadapox 80mg with visa. Over half of children who are obese have the features of metabolic syn- drome, putting them at significant risk of heart disease, diabetes, and premature death. Studies have shown, however, that in as little as 12 weeks, regular exercise and healthy eating can facilitate weight loss and improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Medications can be used to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar and to improve insulin sensitivity. As discussed below, a low-glycemic diet and regular activity can greatly improve insulin sensitivity and the other features of this syndrome. Cinnamon contains com- pounds that work with insulin to reduce blood sugar levels. It is found in brewer’s yeast, whole grains (especially wheat germ), onions, and garlic. Foods to avoid: • Alcohol can cause either high or low blood sugar depending on how much you drink and if you are eating while drinking. M • Saturated fat (animal products such as meat and dairy) and trans fats (hydrogenated margarine) and deep-fried foods can worsen blood glucose control. Lifestyle Suggestions • Exercise regularly as this can help improve insulin sensitivity and help with weight loss. Aim for 30 minutes to one hour of moderate-intensity activity daily such as brisk walking, cycling, or swimming. Muscle burns more calories than fat and helps your body use blood sugar and insulin more efficiently. Try different strength-training exercises that focus on the core muscle groups: chest, back, shoulders, abdominals, and quadriceps. Losing even 5–10 percent of excess weight can help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Top Recommended Supplements Since metabolic syndrome is a collection of medical disorders, recommendations vary depending on which factors are present. Below are some general recommendations for supplements that address a few of the features of metabolic syndrome. For specific recom- mendations on supplements for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol, refer to those sections of this book. Fish oils: Help improve glucose tolerance, reduce triglycerides and cholesterol levels, and reduce inflammation. Studies have shown that fish oils play an important role in protection against heart disease. Studies involving fibre supplements of psyllium, oat bran, and glucomannan have shown benefits for diabet- ics. Studies have shown that it can lower after-meal blood sugar levels, reduce triglycerides, and help promote weight loss. Studies have shown that it can improve blood glucose control and reduce diabetic complications. Vitamin E: Helps improve glucose tolerance and reduce glycosylation (binding of sugar to proteins in blood vessels). It also helps reduce blood clotting, and as an antioxidant, it may M help protect against heart disease. Eat small, frequent meals with low-glycemic, high-fibre carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. For some people, migraines are preceded or accompanied by a sensory warning sign, called an aura, such as flashes of light, wavy lines, blind spots, or tingling in M your arm or leg. A migraine attack may last for just a few minutes or continue for up to several days. Episodes can vary in frequency from several times in one week to once every few years. It is thought that migraines may be caused by changes in the nervous system (af- fecting the trigeminal nerve pathway) and by imbalances in neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) such as serotonin, which plays a regulatory role for pain messages going through this pathway.

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Robin blames herself for her recent divorce and believes that she is almost entirely respon- sible for her husband leaving the marriage for another woman buy 80 mg tadapox with amex. Robin considers herself boring and unattractive trusted 80 mg tadapox, and she berates herself for not seeing the signs early enough to prevent what happened discount tadapox 80 mg without prescription. Robin decides to take the Rating Responsibility Exercise (see Worksheet 5-17), focusing on the blame she places on herself for her divorce. Worksheet 5-17 Robin’s Rating Responsibility Exercise I blame myself for: My recent divorce I rate the blame at: 95% All Possible Causes of Your Problem Percentage of Responsibility My husband’s roving eye. My husband’s grief over losing his 10%: He could never talk about mother, father, and brother over the last these losses, and I know they got year and a half. My husband can easily find women more 5%: Yeah, but I do look better than attractive than me. Chapter 5: Untangling Twisted Thinking 73 All Possible Causes of Your Problem Percentage of Responsibility We had stopped talking about our days. As you can see, Robin initially assigns 95 percent of the blame for the divorce on herself. At the end of the quiz, Robin reassesses her level of responsibility because she’s able to see things a bit more objectively. She re-rates the level of blame she puts on herself and identi- fies that 20 percent seems more appropriate — she’s only partly responsible. Now that you’ve seen the Rating Responsibility Exercise in action, it’s time to evaluate the level of responsibility you feel you carry. Complete your Rating Responsibility Exercise in Worksheet 5-18 by fol- lowing these steps: 1. Using a percentage from 1 to 100, rate how much blame you put on yourself for this problem. At the top of the worksheet, write this percentage under the problem you’ve identified. In the right-hand column, using a number from 1 to 100, estimate the percentage of actual responsibility for this problem that each cause in the left-hand column owns. These folks usu- ally find a convenient scapegoat such as a mother, father, significant other, society, or event to blame for all their woes. Failing to accept any responsibility for your troubles makes you see yourself as helpless and the world as unfair and unjust (check out Chapter 3 for more information about such self-sabotaging beliefs). Realize that you don’t want to fall into that trap — read the next section to see how to avoid it. Doing What You Can to Solve the Problem In this section, you face your problem and take action to change it. By assessing your responsibility and determining what you can do about your problem, you avoid immersing yourself in self-loathing and harsh self-blame. This approach allows you to take respon- sibility for an appropriate portion of the problem and do what you can with it. If your responsibility involves something that’s over and done with, no action is possible. But you can still try to let go of the shame that leads nowhere and does nothing to help you. Robin reviews her Rating Responsibility Exercise (see Worksheet 5-17) and notices that she owns partial responsibility for some of the problems that led to her divorce. She lists those contributions and then plans steps for productive action on the Action Strategy Worksheet shown in Worksheet 5-19. Chapter 5: Untangling Twisted Thinking 75 Worksheet 5-19 Robin’s Action Strategy Worksheet The problem: My divorce. My Specific Contributions to the Problem Specific Actions I Can Take I am ten pounds overweight. It won’t help this divorce, but my counselor said exer- cise will lift my spirits, and I’ll be healthier. I’m not the most attractive I can’t do a lot about my appearance other woman in the world. I ignored our lack of When I find another relationship, I need to communication in the marriage.

If you have just strained your back buy cheap tadapox 80mg online, apply ice (wrapped in a towel) for 10–20 minutes several times a day generic tadapox 80 mg amex. To recover from a backache tadapox 80mg with visa, put a pillow under your knees when lying on your back or between your knees when on your side to ease the pressure on your back. Hold the object close to your body and avoid lifting and twisting at the same time. Top Recommended Supplements Devil’s claw: Reduces inflammation and back pain, particularly due to osteoarthritis. Dosage: Look for a product that provides 60 mg of harpago- side (active constituent) and take twice daily. Studies have found it helpful for reducing symp- toms of arthritis, back pain, and neck pain. Dosage: 400–600 mg of a prod- uct that contains 40–60 percent boswellic acid three times daily. Enzymes: Bromelain, chymotrypsin, papain, and trypsin have been shown in some studies to help reduce inflammation and pain caused by trauma, surgery, sports injuries, and arthri- tis. Most studies B have focused on its effects on hip and knee osteoarthritis, but it may offer benefits for the back as well. The active component is salicin, which is similar to aspirin, only it is better tolerated. To prevent injuries, exercise to increase strength and flexibility, use proper lifting techniques, and use proper form for sitting and standing. While it can be embarrassing and annoying, bad breath is not just a cosmetic problem—it can signify an underlying health problem. Approximately 90 percent of cases of bad breath originate from problems in the mouth. Poor oral hygiene (not brushing or flossing regularly or properly) allows bac- B teria to grow and feed on food particles in the mouth. Bacteria emit sulphur gases, which not only cause bad breath, but also damage the tissues in the mouth, leading to inflammation of the gums (periodontitis). If left untreated, the bacteria continue to grow and cause gum recession, tooth decay, and even worse-smelling breath. The ancient Greeks chewed tree resin and the Mayans chewed chicle (sap from sapo- dilla tree) to keep their breath fresh. Curtis made and sold the first commercial chewing gum called the State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum. When brushing, don’t forget to brush your tongue as it can trap large amounts of bacteria. If the cause of bad breath is a lung, throat, or mouth infection, an antibiotic may B be prescribed. If it is due to constipation and poor digestion, which can lead to the release of toxins into the breath, a laxative and/or fibre supplement may be recom- mended. Foods to avoid: • Foods that move slowly through your digestive tract are more likely to cause constipation and bad breath, such as red meat, fried foods, and processed foods. Odours are transferred to the lungs and expelled by our breath and continue until the food is eliminated. Lifestyle Suggestions • Brush your teeth after meals to remove food particles, especially after drinking coffee or eating sulphur-containing foods such as milk products, fish, eggs, and meat. Look for products that con- tain zinc (reduces sulphur compounds in the mouth), or tea tree or eucalyptus oil, which have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Top Recommended Supplements Chlorophyll: A component of green plants, chlorophyll helps neutralize odour. Coenzyme Q10: A deficiency of coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant that is important for gum health, has been linked to gum disease, and studies have found that it can help promote healing of the gums. Probiotics: Friendly bacteria that help to reduce formation of bad bacteria that cause bad breath.

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